Live shows on hold for now

Message from Rob Mackay………Sorry we’ve been quiet the last couple of years. Garry Koehler has been fighting a serious battle with cancer. The illness has halted live shows for now but we have a new album underway that we hope to release mid 2019. Garry has penned some absolutely great songs & we cant wait to finish and release the album. please fell free to send any well wishes to Garry at

Garry did come to Tamworth this year for a few days with both his kids (Sarah and Jezza) and had a great time , even managed to play some harp at a Kelly Cork show which was great to see.

Some interesting info: The Man in the Picture still receives around 7,000 plays on utube and spotify a month, undoubtedly Garry;s most revered and successful song.

Thanks for your support of our music as always, its been a great journey for both of us over the last 20 years. new album soon 🙂


Hi Folks

Sorry we have been very quiet lately.

Unfortunately Garry has been battling a serious illness since February 2017 and we have not been able to gig since Tamworth 2017.

Garry’s health battle continues and you are welcome to send him well wishes at

We have been able to work on a new album this year and expect to be able to release it already next year.

Best Regards


The Bobkatz

Man In The Picture

Man In The Picture, the amazing song from Garry Koehler, has hit yet another milestone.

The video for the song, has reached over 115,000 views on YouTube.

We are so excited and proud of this amazing song that has reached so many of you out there.

If you haven’t seen the video, check it out HERE