Live shows on hold for now

Message from Rob Mackay………Sorry we’ve been quiet the last couple of years. Garry Koehler has been fighting a serious battle with cancer. The illness has halted live shows for now but we have a new album underway that we hope to release mid 2019. Garry has penned some absolutely great songs & we cant wait to finish and release the album. please fell free to send any well wishes to Garry at

Garry did come to Tamworth this year for a few days with both his kids (Sarah and Jezza) and had a great time , even managed to play some harp at a Kelly Cork show which was great to see.

Some interesting info: The Man in the Picture still receives around 7,000 plays on utube and spotify a month, undoubtedly Garry;s most revered and successful song.

Thanks for your support of our music as always, its been a great journey for both of us over the last 20 years. new album soon 🙂